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Hello from... Layla (4 - Product Tester), Bradley (3 - Product Tester), Macy (Baby), Daddy/Liam (The Maker), Mummy/Faye (Admin/Marketing) and Woody (Chief Off Cut Chewer)


Our Nephew had a little step which he called an 'Up There' and that name has stuck for years. What we didn't realise until we became parents ourselves was how much your children want to be 'UP THERE!!'. Our little girl Layla had sat on the kitchen side or on our hips trying to get involved for long enough. What we also didn't realise was how expensive toddler towers were, especially if we had to get two to include our son in the future too!  

An innovative Mummy, a Daddy with 16 years of joinery up his sleeve and an intrigued toddler.... The Up There 1.0 was born. Since starting Up There we have developed the 1.1 Duo which is perfectly sized for 2. 

We are commited to providing you with a high quality product at an affordable price. 

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