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  • Is an Up There safe?
    Our Up There's are built with safety as a priority and every detail is designed for maximum safety, however children must be supervised at all times and the Up There must be on and against flat surfaces. What we can assure you of is that they are sanded for no splinters, built with a 12 degree pitch to prevent tipping backwards and safety bars to keep children enclosed. We recomend you follow our instructions or assembly video when you receive our item. If there are signs of damage/wear tear we reccomend you replace the item or parts. We do not accept any responsibility for the safety of your child.
  • How do I assemble an Up There?
    Your Up There will arrive with easy step instructions or if you prefer visuals, head over to our video and follow our step by step tutorial! All you will need for assembly is a PZ2 screwdriver.
  • Can I pick the finish of my Up There?
    Absolutely! Currently we offer them plain soft wood or finished with a natural finish clear sealant (this doesn't change theappearance or feel of the wood but makes it resistant to water and stains).
  • How many children can fit in an Up There?
    In an Up There 1.0 - just the one! In an Up There 1.1 - you can fit two!
  • How does an Up There grow with my child?
    Our Up There's have three adjustable heights to take your child through the years. The back piece can also removed when your child is older and bigger and no longer needs this added security.
  • What are Up There platform heights?
    From the ground up, 42cm 48cm 53cm.
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