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Up There 1.1 is built with parent and little one's in mind (it's designed by parents and tested by toddlers!). Our Duo model is perfect for twins and siblings!  Handmade with beautiful quality soft wood and an adjustable platform to three different heights, it is built to last. A sturdy and safe design allows you to have peace of mind while your toddler watches and learns stood by your side.  It's slim structure means it can work even in the tightest of spaces and gives the freedom for you to maneaouvre around it with ease. 


Plain or Wipeable Finish? 


Plain Wood is exactly what it says, the wood is untreated and in it's natural state. We only reccomend buying plain if you wish to varnish/paint/wax yourself. If you leave it in it's natural state, it is likely to stain, absorb water, change colour and less resitant to knocks and wear. 


Wipeable finish will be finished in two coats of a high gloss Polyvine Varnish. We've tried and tested it against professional grade food colouring, curry paste, ketchup and pasta sauce - ALL stains wiped clean after 30 minutes!! This varnish is also able to withstand daily cleaning, disenfecting plus a toddler climbing up and down!! 



640mm total Width 

890mm Height 


Please allow upto 2 weeks for your order to be handed to the courier. You will receive a tracking link via email once the item is with the courier. Sometimes dispatch is a lot quicker so get in touch if you need a speedier dispatch! 


Up There 1.1 Duo Learning Tower

    • Never leave your child unattended while using an Up There 
    • Always use your Up There on and against a level & sturdy flat surface 
    • If any part develops a crack present in the same place on both sides of the wood, discontinue use immediately and contact us for a replacement part 
    • Ensure you have followed the instructions for assembly correctly before use and every part is securely in place. 
    • Take caution if your Up There becomes wet, the smooth wood maybe slippy. 

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